Spring has Sprung

It is a new season; the weather is warming, the days getting longer and the perfect time for a change.  But how do you turn the room you are so used to seeing day in and day out into something that blossoms, something that makes you look forward to coming home at the end of the day and sitting down to study or write or just relax?

At first the idea of redecorating is exciting but after the initial concept runs through your mind sometimes rearranging and redecorating can seem a little daunting and overwhelming.  Especially when there is no real plan of attack!

So how do we approach the revamp of your bedroom or study?  We will show you how in three simple steps.


1. Declutter!

Take a look at your room as it is.  If the shelves are a mess, if your closets are so full you cannot close the door, if you can’t see your floor because of all the stuff you own, DECLUTTER!  Yes, as boring and unexciting as it may seem, the simple act of getting rid of all the things you don’t use anymore, all the clothes you haven’t worn in months and months plus all those bits and pieces you have collected over the years that serve absolutely no purpose and are simply taking up space – get rid of it! Get rid of it all!  Put it in a garbage bag and send it to a charity bin. You just won’t know yourself when all the things that are cluttering up your space are gone.

2. The Power of Color


Color, color, color!  Take the time to sit down and decide what colors you love and what colors you want to see in your room.  Choose one main color and work with it, keep it simple – you don’t want five bright colors overwhelming you while you are trying to study quietly or relax.  This Spring think about aquas with shades of cream or white, greens with shades of grey.  Or if you enjoy pastel colors, think about soft colors such as pink or yellow, they work wonders with white furnishings.

Once you have decided vaguely what colors you love, take the time to look out for new linen in those colors.  There is no point choosing a color and realizing that you can’t find any bed sets or cushions in those colors!! With your new linen selected and your colors finalized, now is the best part! Time to accessorize!  

3. Accessorize


Get rid of all those ornaments you have hanging around that you hate and replace them with a collection that you love, something that has meaning to you.  There is nothing better than starting off with a few lovely pieces and building the collection up over the years, creating not only something that looks lovely but also something that brings you satisfaction and something that may even be worth something in years to come!

Accessorize your walls in a simplistic yet elegant look.  Take down those posters and replace them with framed collages of photos taken with your friends.  For something more original grab a blank canvas and some paints in the colors of your room and create your own abstract design, not only will it be a one-off print, it may also become a talking point when friends come over to stay.

With a decluttered room, fresh colors, new and original accessories, it will feel like a new space and create an atmosphere of nothing but happiness and tranquility – perfect for the spring and summer months ahead.