G2G Video series

In this video, gorgeous2god contributor Amie Regester gives girls three tips to shield themselves from the loneliness that can come with not having a significant other, or even a tight friend group, on major holidays when the swanky party scene and social media make it seem like EVERYONE is having a good time.
Vloggers Sierra Scribner and Kaitlin Crump talk openly about experiencing insecurity as women and the confidence they found in Jesus!
Vlogger Emily Khoe shares her personal struggle of overcoming the desire for worldly possessions and finding true contentment in Christ.
How do you know if you're beautiful? Is it when someone else tells you? Is it something you just feel? Dr. Heather Thompson Day shares the story of when she discovered what true beauty was and how to feel confident in your own skin!
Are you struggling with temptation? Are you battling against sexual desires? As a Christian, this is a huge challenge! And it's one many of us face. Sierra and Kaitlin share their personal stories and how they overcame the battle and claimed victory in Jesus! https://www.gorgeous2god.org/confidential-q-a/

1. Having a boyfriend means your parents die young. 2. Having a boyfriend means one or both of you is always broke. 3. Having a boyfriend detracts from your ability to explore who you are! 4.Having a boyfriend makes sexual temptation way more difficult to overcome! 5. And finally, Having a boyfriend necessarily means you miss out on discovering how awesome other people are!

When was the last time you felt shame? It can feel like a prison. How do we overcome feelings of shame and guilt? Heather Thompson Day shares how love taught her we can never go so far that grace can't cover us. https://www.gorgeous2god.org/faithblog
When an initial HIV screening came back positive, Jacob's life changed forever. But not in the way he expected.