30 Days of Summer Challenge

There's nothing like a 30 Day challenge to inspire you to enhance your life this summer. Try these 30 ideas to guarantee a new perspective on life:

Day 1, DIARY: Buy yourself a nice journal that you will use for the next four weeks. You are going to need this diary to keep a record of how your 30-day challenge is going, what you have or haven’t been able to achieve, and journaling your time with God. Divide each section with colorful tabs and decorate to your desire.

Day 2, PRAYER: Make a paper prayer chain with the names of family and friends and pray for them every day. Record their names in your journal.

Day 3, BOOK OF THE BIBLE: Find a book in the bible that you would like to read for the next four weeks. Choose a book that you will look forward to reading; for instance, if you like drama read Genesis, for stories about royalty read Esther, and for something more poetic read Psalms.  

Day 4, CALL A FRIEND:  Phone a girlfriend who hasn’t been to church for some time and chat. Keep in contact with her by sending texts or emails. Don’t overwhelm her though! ☺


Day 5,  COOKING: Surprise your family with a delicious breakfast. Set the table with colorful plates and napkins and write a note of appreciation to each of them, which you can set beside their plate.

Day 6,  CLOTHING: Clean your closet and give away clothes that are too small or are no longer your favorite to a charity like ADRA, the Samaritan Center, Red Cross, or Lifeline.

Day 7,  NOTES: Give notes of appreciation to your friends for what they've done for you.

Day 8, MOTHER/DAUGHTER TIME: Spend time alone with your mom. Go out to eat, curl up and watch a movie together, or just talk about things that are on your heart.

Day 9,  HOSPITAL VISIT: Visit friends, family or church members that are in the hospital.  If you don’t know anyone that's in the hospital then why don’t you go with your parents and visit a nursing home? It’s amazing the love and the happiness this brings to those sweet, old folks.

Day 10, WRITE: Write letters to God just like you would to a friend. This is perfect journaling time between you and God. Don’t do it just for today, though. Get into the habit and journal every day.

Day 11, FRUIT: Add some fruit and vegetables to your diet. It will make you feel so much healthier.


Day 12, HELP OUT: Help mom clean the house and change sheets on the bed to nice, crispy clean ones. Also, help your little brother or sister with their homework or just spend some time talking or playing with them.

Day 13, FAMILY TIME: Take a walk with the whole family to a park or down to the lake and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Day 14, TEST YOUR MEMORY:  Memorize the books of the Bible over the next four weeks. Learn them every night before bed and compete with a friend or a sibling to see who can learn them first!

Day 15, GET BAKING: Make a cake and take it to a neighbor or friend that needs encouragement. Remember, always go with someone like an older sister or your parents.

Day 16, SWEET TIME: Spoil yourself with a nice dessert -and don't feel guilty!


Day 17, RESOLUTION TIME:  Write a resolution for the new season and pray that you will be successful.

Day 18, SHARING TIME: Try  sharing an event or experience that you have been through with a friend or parent. Pray with them about it.

Day 19, GIFT OF LOVE:  Make something special for mom and dad to show them how much you love them. This could be a card or a romantic dinner at home for two. Get your closest friends or siblings to help.

Day 20, PLAN TIME:  Write a list of your future plans and dreams. Place it somewhere visible where you will be reminded and feel excited.

Day 21, DAD TIME: Spend time with your dad. Maybe help him wash the car, build something together, or just watch a funny movie with him. Sometimes dads need to know that we love them.

DAY 22, BIRTHDAY PLAN: Plan something special for your birthday (within the budget of course). Write a list of friends to invite, think of a theme and everything you will need.

Day 23, KIND DAY: Show kindness to someone today. Even a smile can brighten someone’s day.


Day 24, HELP OUT:  Help an elderly person clean their backyard. Rope some friends into helping and ask a parent's permission.

Day 25, WALK THE DOG: Take the dog for a walk without being asked for the 100th time. It might be fun!

Day 26, PARTY TIME: Invite some girlfriends for a sleepover or pajama party. Organize food (get everyone to bring something), have some DVD’s and don’t forget to leave everything clean for mom the next day. Mom will definitely let you have more sleepovers if you keep the house rules and clean up after yourselves.

Day 27, BATH: Draw a bath and relax. Check your mom’s cupboard for some great herbs to soak in:

•Chamomile: This is extremely relaxing and calming – perfect for when you have dry, irritated, or sensitive skin. It’s very gentle.

•Rosemary: Relaxing yet fantastic for alertness. It also acts as an astringent whilst clarifying your skin.

•Peppermint: Clarifies your skin and also a great astringent.

•Sage: This herb will be uplifting, calming and act as an astringent. Great for people with oily skin or back acne.

Day 28, KEEP HYDRATED: Get into the habit of drinking plenty of water. This not only helps your body function better but it also helps keep your skin hydrated and clean.

Day 29, READING TIME:  Read a good, inspirational book that will lift your mood.

Day 30, EVANGELISM TIME: Invite a girlfriend who hasn’t been to church for a while to share a nice lunch at home, or go on a picnic with her and some other friends.

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t accomplish everything in your 30-day challenge. You can continue doing it until you’ve ticked everything off on the list. Who knows, it might take you three months to complete, but what a great way to spend the long summer days.