Self-Esteem Quiz

1.      Do you avoid places like the beach or public pools because you don’t want anyone to see your body?

a)      Not at all

b)     Sometimes

c)      All the time


2.      When something you’ve planned or been working on doesn’t work out, do you:

a)      Not worry about it

b)     Worry at first, then move on

c)      Get angry and hate yourself for days


3.      How often do you weigh yourself?

a)      Very rarely

b)     Every week or two

c)      Once a day or more than four times a week


4.      When you look in the mirror how do you see yourself?

a)      Like a normal girl with some flaws

b)     I’d rather not look at myself

c)      As an ugly duckling with horrible flaws


5.      When you’re getting ready to go out, do you:

a)      Wear nice clothes that suit your body

b)     Not care what you look like

c)      Get upset because you think nothing looks good on you


6.      Do you compare yourself to other girls?

a)      Very rarely

b)     I don’t care what others look like

c)      All the time


7.      What do you do when you want to lose weight?

a)      Start a healthy eating plan and exercise

b)     Never diet

c)      Eat only one meal a day – starving is the answer


8.      Do you ever think "I hate being me!"

a)      Very rarely

b)     Sometimes

c)      Every breathing moment


9.      When a beautiful girl joins your group of friends, do you:

a)      Enjoy a good conversation with her

b)     Couldn’t care less and act as if she isn’t there

c)      Feel intimidated and decide to get away as quickly as possible


10.  Do you feel that people around you seem to have a better life than you?

a)      Not really

b)     Don’t care about anyone else

c)      All the time


Mostly A’s – You’ve got a healthy self-esteem. You’re confident and happy with the girl you’ve become. You’re enjoying life to the fullest and letting God direct your path. Keep up the positive attitude, but be careful that you don’t become overly confident and cocky.

Mostly B’s – Your ‘I don’t care attitude’ is leading you down towards the path of insecurities and darkness. You’re sick and tired of the Barbie dolls out there and want to show a different attitude, but you’re going towards it the wrong way. Satan loves it when you’re careless in your life, because it means that you have neglected God as well. However, you still have time to get closer to God, love yourself again and take care of your appearance. Don’t waste time, start now!!!

Mostly C’s -   ALARM BELLS!!! You definitely have a low self-esteem. Unfortunately you’re heading down the miserable path to an eating disorder or worse. It’s sad that you believe the lies Satan is whispering in your ear. Feeling this way is very real to you, so don’t be afraid to seek professional help ASAP. Talk to someone you trust immediately, take God's hand and don’t let go.