Church Style Files

“I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety . . .” (1 Timothy 2:9 NIV).

Okay girls, how many times have your parents sent you back to your room to change into something more church appropriate? You don't get what the big deal is and you reluctantly head back to your room to find something appropriate.

You know how there is a funeral dress code, a wedding dress code, and a formal dress code? There is actually a church dress code not set in a church rule book or in your pastor's books, more like in your heart.

I was talking to my friend’s brother a couple of months ago; he is not a Christian and works at a nightclub. He told me that there are posh nightclubs that have a dress code and you must abide by their dress rules or you will not get in. He has seen many people walk away ashamed because they do not meet the “dress code.”

How is it that even the inappropriate places have a dress code, yet we have become so liberal in our own churches that we don't care what we look like? When in reality this is a holy place and we should dress with care. I believe that God deserves our utmost respect! We usually take great care to put on our best clothes for special events, but tend to neglect a ‘church look’ and forget that we are on our way to meet with our King. I know that there is always the argument that God sees the heart; and it’s true, he does!

However, I still believe that dressing decently is a sign of respect for the people who are worshiping with you and above all, God. Our church is considered conservative, but there have been times when my jaw drops as a young woman walks into church half dressed. Other times I have averted my eyes at certain parts of the girl’s exposed body as she leans over and gives me a hug. I am a woman and I feel embarrassed for her; imagine the men in our church that Sabbath and above all, imagine God.

Let's be realistic, men are visual and they do look when a half-dressed female sways into church. You're probably innocent and I realize the ripple affect your clothes are causing. Respect your body, which is the temple of God, by dressing modestly and beautifully (and no, you don't have to look like a nun.)

Remember you are dressing for God. If you are unsure whether what you're wearing is appropriate or not ask someone you trust like an adult or a close friend who you know will tell you the truth. We have put together a few looks that might be used as a guide for your church look. Take special note of the length of the clothes in the areas that are covered to make your church dress appropriate.

With this bold spring color palette, using colors like Rosie pink, zesty tangerine, warm yellow and ocean blues (to name a few) there is no shortage of color for you to pick from.




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A: You have to admit that this dress is cute! The length is below the knee and the mint color is perfect for spring. It can look especially nice on darker skin tones and it will keep you cool while still being modest.

To add to the dress you can:

  • Add cute hair accessories, a lovely watch, great shoes and bag and you’re set.

  • Try dresses that cover the cleavage and reach the knee or slightly above the knee.

  • The silver belt fits perfectly with the dress.

  • Move away from the same tired old hand bag. Give yourself a new fresh look this spring with lovely colored bags. Colored bags always look fabulous; they don’t go out of season!

  • Platform shoes are also great to wear since they are more comfortable. Try to keep away from high heels if you can’t walk in them.

  • TIP: Pick a color and repeat it twice. It can be the color of a shoe, bag, belt, scarf etc. By repeating it twice you look put together not thrown together.


A: Yes, skirts with an elegant top are appropriate. This outfit in particular is gorgeous! The colors are perfect for spring. Keep accessories to a minimum for a simplistic look.

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To add to the outfit:

  • Use different colored hair pieces. This outfit has a touch of pink that would do nicely.

  • Roll up the sleeves to keep cool

  • Green works nicely with this look; you could add little green accessories.


  • Anything that has spaghetti straps should be worn with a little cardigan or shawl. 

  • You don’t always have to wear high heel shoes – flats are just as acceptable and they look very sweet.