Turn Your Room Into a Sanctuary

Have you ever woken up and just felt overwhelmed?  You open your eyes and there is clutter all around, nothing has a place, everything takes far too long to find…?  Time to make the change—time to de-clutter and begin waking up feeling energized and organized! It’s time to turn your room into that sanctuary you have always desired.

1.     Create a vision.

Spend time researching and deciding on your vision: make a sketch of how you would like your room to look, what furniture is to go where.  Make a list of what you may need to de-clutter—will you need more boxes for storage, large bags for junk and items to be given to charity?

2.     Don’t stress over the mess.

Take it one section at a time; divide the space into workable ‘areas’ such as the wardrobe, the desk, the bed, and the bookshelves.  Once the sections are decided, begin from one corner and work your way around, not thinking of the other sections until the one you are working on is complete.

3.     Generate systems.

Create systems for the things in your room that require organizing.  Sort your wardrobe in order of the things you wear the most to the things you wear the least, underwear in one drawer, sports gear in another – throw out and donate any old clothes you haven’t worn in a while.  Sort your desk and the papers on it into categories, a tray for the homework to be done today and a tray for the things that need to be done later.  Once you have systems in place it will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and the rest of the de-clutter tasks won’t seem as daunting.

4.     Everything in its place.

Make sure you find a ‘place’ for every item in your room – nick-knacks all have their own spot on a shelf, CDs in a box or in a stacker, notes sorted and placed in drawers, plants and decorations in their own corner, photos in frames are placed in their own spot on the dresser.  Make sure no matter how large or small the item, it has its own place in the room.  And for each new item added to the room – always remember to remove an old one.

5.     Rid your room of the unnecessary.

Get rid of the things you don’t use or need anymore – ask yourself these simple questions:

                                                    i.     Do I love this item?

                                                   ii.     Have I used this item in the past year?

                                                 iii.     Do I need more than one of these items?

                                                 iv.     Does this item have sentimental value? 

                                                   v.     Does this item make me smile?

De-cluttering your space is effortless if you just take it step by step and if you simply make sure that everything in your room is there with a purpose and a place.  Immerse yourself in making your room work for you in every possible way: open the door to your dreams and on the things in your life that make you smile.