By: Tami Del

Have you ever had those days where your ideas don’t appear to flow and every minute seems to stretch into hours? Your usually active mind turns blank and struggles to compose any thoughts. Then slowly the unstoppable process begins and you embark on the miserable journey down the spirally grey pit of BOREDOM……..

Being stuck in a rut is difficult especially when you attempt to get out. I’ve had days where I walk around the house looking for something to do and everything seems awful and boring. So, what I suggest for these boring days are a few tips that you can have up your sleeve and pull out when it’s necessary. It would be good if you keep these ideas in a little box and pull it out only when you are absolutely stuck and have no idea what to do next.



  • This is a great project to do with friends or on your own.

  • Go to the shops and buy some ingredients for easy to bake cookies.

  • Start your baking and keep a close eye so they don’t burn

  • Once the cookies are cool enough, wrap them up in cello paper and tie with a ribbon.

  • Make some cards to go with your gift.

  • Give to a neighbor, a friend, or someone special.


  • Picnics are so much fun, especially when the weather is good. However, if it’s raining outside you can always move the picnic inside.

  • Plan the menu then ask your friends what they would like to bring from the list.

  • Set up a nice area, place a couple of blankets on the ground to make the area soft. Throw some cushions or pillows around.

  • Have your cutlery all set out and ready for your friends when they arrive.

  • Sit around chatting and eating and enjoying each other’s company.

  • Have a game of UNO or another board game that you’ll all enjoy.


  • Writing letters used to be the way everyone communicated before emails and text messaging. This is actually really fun and you should definitely give it a try.

  • Pick the friends and family members that you will write to.

  • Grab some paper or stationary, different colored pens, stickers, funny cut outs, quotes, poems, words to songs, and envelopes.

  • Find a table where you will work comfortably for a couple of hours.

  • Start your writing.

  • Be creative and have fun.

  • Seal your envelopes and post that same day or the next.

  • Your friends and family members will get a wonderful surprise when they get their mail.


  • Having a holiday job is always good, especially if you’re in need of money. So why not try starting a small “business”? ask your parents’ permission first.)

  • Write all the ideas that come to mind and decide what you like best.

  • Maybe you like to babysit--so make flyers and tell your parents’ closest friends or family members and babysit their children.

  • Be creative and do what you like.



  • Have you ever thought of having a clothes and accessories swapping party?

  • They are awesome and so much fun and best of all - FREE!

  • Decide what day you want to hold your clothes party.

  • Make pretty and simple invitations and send them to your friends.

  • Ask them to bring their unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories with them.

  • Set up a table where all the accessories are going to be displayed.

  • Another table will display the clothes nicely and neatly folded- no MESS allowed!

  • Ask everyone to bring a plate of food to share.

  • After eating and chatting, let the party begin!

  • Have the girls walk around the tables and try anything they like.

  • Have a fashion parade once you have all found the perfect outfit or accessories.

  • You go home with a new wardrobe and with a happy heart.


  • If you’re not sure what your hobby is then this is the perfect time to experiment.

  • Try things like sketching, painting, knitting, drawing, ceramics and anything else that grabs your interest.

  • Try sewing, you might just have it in you and you will start creating.

  • Or why don’t you start scrapbooking or learning a computer course online.

  • Try out some recipes and start cooking. You might give mom a rest one evening and you can make dinner for the family.

  • Start writing your first novel or turn your diary into a memoir.

  • So start thinking, experiment, and above all have fun!

Don’t be afraid to be creative and come up with some of your own inspired ideas.

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