The Season of Becoming

Sierra Scribner

Ladies, grab a warm beverage and let’s chat about how to prepare while we wait! No, I’m not talking about learning how to stand in a long line or endure traffic delays--what we are talking about is waiting to be loved by that special someone. 


We hear about love in movies and love songs, but do we truly know the meaning of waiting for love? Do we understand all that it entails? Sometimes we forget that we can prepare in our season of waiting. Most girls believe you simply pray a little and then hope he comes around sometime soon, but what if, by a crazy chance, there is more to it than that? As I was struggling with this waiting issue and what to do as I wait, I came across a blog about this very topic. As I read, I was astonished and eager to share these incredible waiting list tid-bits with you!


“Waiting prepares your heart today for the abundance coming tomorrow.”

This might sound a little funny and like it has nothing to do with a boy, but what if finding joy in every day is what God is calling you to do? What if He is desiring you to walk in this freedom no matter what that looks like--even if your circumstances look discouraging, you seem to find your constant hope in Him alone? When you truly love yourself, you love God, and see God as a perfect fit for your life, you do not worry about your circumstances. To tell you the truth sis, your circumstances may never be ideal, but they will be full of freedom and perfect love if you surrender them to Him. 


“Waiting sends us out in ministry.”

Have you ever felt a big fat calling on your life? You just knew down deep in your core that you were made for more? You wanted to do more and be more, but you kept feeling as if you weren’t going to measure up? So, you limited yourself because of the low expectation you felt the world had towards you, but in fact, it was a lie. All along you were made to be was more than what you could ever imagine, all along God adored you. The wonderful beautiful mess that you see yourself as--yes, that messy, beautiful soul you have--you’re the one Jesus loves. When it is just you and Jesus you feel as if you can conquer the world. See, being His makes you focus so much on who He is and what He is doing in your life that you start to see glimpses of Him in everything. You can think clearly and have this sense of peace, because you know your life is in good hands. Take some time for it to just be you and Jesus. I know sometimes that feels hard to do, but it is so worth it. You’ll truly find Him as enough. This quote is something that has stuck with me for a quite a while: “Until Jesus is enough, nothing in this world will ever be.” Find your joy in Him… do not let your soul wander into how your situation looks impossible, but believe and receive what He is doing in the waiting. He is the God of the impossible.


“Waiting reworks our vision.”

Sometimes we think we know what we want, but what if there’s this crazy chance that we may be wrong? We may be blinded by a man for whatever reason and not see the root of who he truly is. Girls, we need to become a generation that stands at the door and intervenes in the lives of our sisters. It’s time we tell them to wake up! It’s ok to say, “sis, this boy is no good for you.” It is so important to share the same values with your significant other. Most importantly, you both should be growing closer to Jesus. I recently learned in my psychology class that often times girls believe that they deserve the type of love they are receiving. Whether your dad has walked out of your life or you have had a troubled past, I want you to know and proclaim this over your life… “My past experiences do not define who I am, but the King of Kings, who reigns in me, says who I am: He says I am loved, chosen, gifted, loveable, and a world changer.” God could talk about you for eternity! You are His favorite topic!  I plead with you-- don’t be that girl that believes they deserve less than they do. YOU ARE WORTH MORE. I can’t stress this enough. God and His words alone are better and sweeter than anything we could ever hear anyone tell us. His thoughts are higher than ours, He makes a straight path for our feet and tells us YOU ARE FEARFULLY & WONDERFULLY MADE! What a compliment… we are over here desiring compliments and sweet nothings from boys when the King of Kings is relentlessly pursuing our hearts. He is telling you how valuable, precious, meaningful, adoring, lovable, kind, impactful, and brave you are. He could go on and on talking about you. The love He has for you, sis . . . It really doesn’t get better than His love. I know some of you reading this are thinking, “well, Sierra, it’s easier said than done.”  That is why you simply cannot take my word for it! But you need to go to the Bible yourself and let His words fill you until your overflowing with the truth of who you truly are. Keep reading blogs, tweets, Instagram posts, Pinterest’s, sermons--but do not let that be the only thing you rely on to get you through the day. Open the Word! You will find that the pages exude life and truth. The Bible won’t let you down, it’ll simply hold you up.


“Waiting creates a deeper dependence on God.”

Ah, this one is my favorite. Waiting forces us to trust God completely. “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4). God wants to give us all that we desire, but first we must wait and rely fully on Him, even when it seems like we will never find love. He has all the answers—and His will is perfect.


“Waiting addresses your heart-issues.”

Sometimes we don’t even recognize how far we’ve drifted from Him and into the things of this world. We become numb—feeling as though everything we want is out of reach. But God never leaves, and He never lies… His promises stands firm. Just because you ran doesn’t mean God disappeared. He is right where He said He would be. Waiting for you. Just as much as He is your gift… you are His gift. So when He tells you to seek and you will find Joy in Him, He is saying it because He truly doesn’t want to keep a good thing from you. He wants the best of the best for you, He wants you to experience all that life has to offer, but He has to grow you first. If that is you in your growing season right now, know that the journey is just as beautiful as the destination. Jesus will get you there, but first you have to trust. Have your faith outshine your worry- let Him shine so bright in you that He is unable to be hidden. Guard your heart but open your heart and love… love others so much that after they leave your presence they know without a doubt that they are loved. Truly experience life to the fullest; hold your head high knowing your promise still stands because your God is just that GOOD. I truly do not know what is on your heart, but I do know that God does. Hold on to the fact that He is the author of your life. He gets to decide when He is done writing your story. 


Ladies, this isn’t just a season of waiting; it’s a season of becoming. It’s a process; and the process isn’t always perfect or smooth, but the end of the story will be beautiful if you keep trusting, growing, showing up even when your heart feels as if it’ll never be loved. Keep giving your heart to God. He has someone very special for you. Keep embracing this season of becoming the woman He’s called you to be.


“I’m here to tell you to keep waiting. When you think you can’t, just wait one more day. And then the next. And the next. Something great will happen. You’ll stop waiting and you’ll just start being. . . And when you can finally just be, he will come. God will open the door and what you dreamed up since you were little will be coming true, your dreams available and ready for you to experience the waiting will be over and the journey with Him and him will begin.”

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