Living Life for God in a World that says it’s Weird

By Kayla Gibson

Today, living your life for God is not popular. Actually, it is pretty unpopular. Living a religious life is seen as weird. I know this for a fact because a few years ago I was the one calling anyone who followed God weird. I was also the unhappiest I have ever been in my entire life. I didn’t find happiness until I became close with God and chose to live my life through Him. If you're struggling to live a faithful life or if you're tired of being called weird, here are some tips for you.

·        God is good. Always. In the good and the bad times, God is with you. We sometimes forget that He is there, especially in the good times. We forget to praise Him when things are good and we definitely forget to praise Him when things are bad. God knows what He is doing. We won’t receive anything we can’t handle with His help. He is with us always. It is so easy to forget that when WE believe it but no one else does. Anything He allows us to go through will turn out to be just what we needed. We may not understand it at the time, but God will show us why He is doing what He is doing. God is always good.

·        Trust. Trust in Him no matter what is happening. Bad or good, have comfort in the fact that God will always provide for you. It may not be what you want at the time but it is always what you will need. It may take some time, but trust in His timing. God knows what will happen to us before we have any idea of it. We only know that He is doing everything that He knows to be best for us. Trusting Him is one of the steps to living a happy life. Trust allows us not to worry if everything will be okay but rather to know He won’t let anything happen that is too much for us to handle. Trust His journey.

·        Forget what other people say. Other people's opinions do not matter, especially in this area of your life. The only opinion that matters is your relationship with God and what He sees in you. Your focus and your goal should not be to impress or pretend to live one way because someone else does. Focus all of your attention on Him instead of others and that will lead you to the happiest life. Other people can bring you happiness but it is only temporary happiness. God will provide you with an outlook on life that shows even the smallest things can bring you happiness and joy. Live for Him.

·        Be an example. Show non-believers what it is to live for God and all of the positives that come from living your life for Him. We all sin, but we can all be forgiven.  If we accept the Lord as our Savior, we not only have an everlasting life but also have comfort in knowing we are living life to the fullest. Go to church, pray daily, and live a life that God will look down on and be proud of. In the end, all that matters is what God sees in you. Set an example.

My last piece of advice: pray for the people who tear you down for the way you live your life. Pray that they see God for all that He is and all that He can build them up to be. Do not give them the power to tear you down, instead use their negativity as strength to build them up and to see His grace. Pray that God can use you in their lives to be the light that they need to see. Be the positive in their life and show them all that there is to live for. Live through and for God. Always.