Do you know how to make wise choices you won’t regret?

Are you confident in who you are?

Have you discovered where you came from?

Do you know where you’re going?

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Are you ready to leave the wilderness behind, and #liveWILD?


Learn the 3 Keys to #LiveWILD

Brokenness is part of being human, but you don’t have to stay that way.


    How to spot red flags of potential abuse.
    Common tactics used by predators.
    Training for churches and leaders on Gospel-centered abuse prevention.
    How to tell if someone may be in an abusive situation.
    Empathy, abuse, and the Gospel.


    What now? Beginning your healing process.
    Understand the impact of verbal and emotional abuse.
    Shift from toxic mental soundtrack to purposeful truth statements.
    Overcome what lies hidden in your history.
    Create an environment of healing and recovery.


    Overcome past wounds and develop your leadership maturity.
    How to permanently find freedom from toxic relationships.
    Transform your relationships by changing the way you think.
    Learn how to support and mentor others.