Get the Shabby-Chic Look

By Editorial & Personal Fashion Stylist, Sinead Hargreaves from The Style Agency

What do we mean when we say ‘Shabby Chic’? 'Chic' means 'fashionable'. 'Shabby-chic' means 'shabby in a fashionable way'. Shabby is referring to the relaxed and ‘thrown together’ look of this trend. Shabby Chic style is one of simple, relaxed elegance making a harmonious look with new and old - definitely a romantic style!

Choose fabrics with vintage floral patterns and pastel colors, rather than stripes, geometric or hard lines. Choose fabrics like natural linens in light earthy tones or soft floaty fabrics to give you a feminine, soft look.

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Mix vintage with new.

A slouchy oversized jacket or cape, perhaps with a fur trim?! You cannot replicate a beautifully worn-in jacket no matter how hard you try!


Or try either a shirt or dress in wonderful understated vintage print.. Go for it!

Layering and textures.

A combination of different hemline lengths and fabrics creates a wonderful ‘thrown together’ feminine soft look. But remember to keep this in a harmonious color scheme – nothing too bold. When layering, think transparent fabrics such as tulle, lace, embellished raw silks, and natural cottons.





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Erica Jones