A Skin Care Routine Easy as 1, 2, 3


It’s extremely important to have a daily cleansing routine. 


Cleansing at least once a day helps remove dirt, dust, make-up, sweat and oil that has accumulated during the day.  It also helps unclog the pores so they can help the skin breathe better.  It’s like removing a choking device from your airways; when it’s removed you take big gulps of air.  Your skin works the same way.  By cleansing, toning and moisturizing you are giving it life again.  It also helps prevent those horrible pimples coming out at the most inconvenient time. The following steps are quick and easy to follow – perfect for the busy girl!


·       Wear a headband or clips to keep hair away from the face

·       Place a small amount of cleanser on the palm of your hand or ona damp cotton pad and apply to face (cleansing milk, cream or a liquid, soapless cleanser should be used)

·       Apply all over face, sweep across the shoulders and don’t forget your neck (one very neglected area)

·       Massage cleanser well into the skin, especially areas where pores tend to block e.g., chin and nose area

·       Remove cleanser with WARM water and leave no trace


·       Pour toner on a cotton ball or cotton pad; make sure your toner is not alcohol based as it dries the skin - use rosewater based toner or other types that a professional recommends for your skin type

·       Gently dab onto face, nose, chin, cheeks, neck until clean

·       Toner benefits all skin types as it helps remove the last excess of makeup and dirt that is still lingering on your skin

·       Pat dry with a soft face towel


·       Apply to cleansed and toned face and neck

·       Moisturizer helps prevent dehydration of the skin; our skin tends to lose its natural moisture and we need to bring it back

·       Avoid heavy based moisturizers for they can block your pores and stimulate blemishes and pimples to break out

·       Use moisturizers that are light and fresh on the skin

Use these three simple steps to get started.


Don’t just use anything you feel like; see a professional and get their advice on what type of products to use. This will prevent much heartache as you experiment from one product to the next and your poor skin suffers. I personally love natural products, so give them a try.

Investigate, do your research, and have fun cleansing that beautiful face of yours!

Erica JonesComment