What Skin Are You In?


Have you ever walked into a store and just stood there staring at the number of different types of cleansers being sold --all promising you that your skin will be flawless in a week?

Then you’re not entirely sure which brand actually is the best (except by reputation). And to make matters worse the product says that it must be ONLY used for people with oily skin types. This is where the problem lies; do you truly know what skin type you are?  In all honesty you could be making your skin problems worse! Using a product on your skin that isn’t made for your skin type could indeed be causing more acne, or making your skin feel drier than before. This is due to the active ingredients in the products.

And yes, it’s embarrassing, so we use all the makeup we can to cover those blemishes! And it has a serious impact on our self esteem. Now we see a lot of products being advertised, claiming they are what you’ve been dreaming about, the cure to acne! But don’t be fooled, many of these products contain a special active ingredient called Benzoyl Peroxide; it is one of the most common ingredients used for over-the-counter cleansers and lotions.

When benzoyl peroxide is thrown onto our skin it is completely stripped of all its natural oil. And in doing so your skin goes into panic mode, and releases double the amount of oil because there is no oil on your skin, which in turn makes your skin even oiler and prone to breaking out even more and susceptible to bacteria harboring on your skin. But no need to panic, here is a simple guide that will help you find out what skin type you are and what natural oils are best for your skin!

 What skin type are you??

Here is a small guide helping you to identify what group you fall into. By adding 1-3 drops of these essential oils or vegetable oils ( jojoba, almond oil) that are rich in fatty acids you can be helped to achieve supple, and radiant skin.

Normal skin

Many women actually claim to have normal skin; maybe because they might not suffer from acne. But it is one of the rarest skin types out there. I was lucky enough to come across this skin type once in my 6 years of beauty care. This skin type is most commonly seen in children.

Normal skin consists of the following:

·       Even skin tone

·       No visible wrinkles, fine lines or open pores

·       Excellent hydration

·       The skin looks supple, feels soft and has a healthy glow

Best Oils for this skin:

·       Lavender- which is a great antiseptic

·       Geranium – helps regulate oil production

·       Rosewood- known to encourage growth of skin cells

·       Sandalwood – Is soothing, moisturising

·       Sweet almond oil – rich fatty acid

·       Jojoba oil – smoothing

Dry skin

Dry skin types: now ladies I know the majority of us have claimed sometime in our life that “I have dry skin.” Before acquiring my knowledge of skin, I was one of them! Dry skin is mostly caused by underactive sebaceous glands (oil glands) thus making the skin dehydrated due to the lack of natural oil.

 Dry skin:

·       Is very delicate

·       The pores can be barely seen

·       Fine lines and wrinkles appear easily

·       The skin can be easily aggravated by daily conditions, such as the weather, air conditioning and heat.

Natural oils that help:

·       German chamomile – reduces redness

·       Ylang ylang – good for balancing the moisture in the skin

·       Rosewood - known to encourage growth of skin cells

·       Jasmine absolute – can help with irritated skin

·       Geranium – balances the production of oil


Oily skin

Oily skin types suffer the most. The endless flow of oil is normally due to an overactive sebaceous gland (oil gland). And this is due to hormones, hereditary factors or diet.  I recommend using a clay based mask with a few drops of natural oil. Clay can be hydrating and not as harsh as other products on the skin.

 Here is what oily skin types go through:

·       Shiny skin

·       The skin will appear and feel thick

·       There will be acne/cyst acne present on the skin

·       The skin appears red and sore

·       Blackheads will be present on the skin

Natural oils that help:

·       Tea tree – fights bacteria, fungi, viruses

·       Juniper berry- aids in the accumulation of toxins within the body   

·       Palmarosa – very hydrating, stimulating cellular regeneration

Combination skin

One of the most common skin types out there. Combination skin types tend to have an oily T-zone, but have dry skin on the cheeks. This is a group many can finally call home! Here is what us combination skin types have to endure!

·       T-zone (Chin, nose, forehead)

·       Slightly oily/dry

·       Blackheads

·       Dilated pores


Oils best suited:

·       Geranium - balances the production of oil

·       Lavender great antiseptic

·       Jojoba oil-soothing, hydrating

·       Apricot kernel –rich in fatty acids

·       Evening primrose-known to improve hair, skin, nails due to fatty acids

·       Sandalwood-is soothing, moisturising

Sensitive skin types

This group of skin types also tends to have a lot of people in the category. Normally people with this type of skin suffer allergies. Spring time can be most displeasing as the pollen can aggravate the skin.

Sensitive skin types:

·       The skin appears reddish in color

·       With weather changes it will either get better or could become itchy and irritated

·       Broken capillaries

·       Feels dry and stretchy

Oils best suited:

·       Calendula – infused oil, anti-inflammatory

·       Jojoba oil – soothing, hydrating

·       Apricot kernel oil - rich in fatty acids

·       Lavender – helpful with inflammation

·       Roman/ German chamomile- reduces redness and helps reduce dilated capillaries

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