Don't Freeze, Look Chic!


“Do these boots make me look fat?”     

What is she going on about you might ask. How can boots make you look fat? You frown, roll your eyes and walk away.  But what about other myths that we all fall for?

The biggest winter myth: WINTER CLOTHES MAKE ME LOOK FAT!

I work with teenage girls who refuse to wear sweaters because they are afraid of looking bulky or fat.  While being cold will not always give you a cold or flu, it can lower your resistance to catching these illnesses, and when spring arrives, so does the sickness.

But why freeze at all? Winter clothes can be stunning. Winter is, in fact, my favorite fashion of all the seasons. Beautiful jeans, a gorgeous leather jacket and killer boots are the height of European fashion and sophistication.  

Maybe you’re operating under a misconception that winter is only about baggy sweaters and exercise pants! This, understandably, would make anyone cringe. But you can look very chic during these bleak winter months with a few ideas, creatively mixing and matching, and a putting a little love into your dressing.

So girls, cover up. Don’t freeze. Look chic! Watch our Pinterest board and blog for more ideas and share your winter looks with #Gorgeous2God on Facebook and Instagram!