What Should I Preach About?

Nickname/Alias: Kendall

Subject: What Should I preach about?

Message: Hi, I've always had the call to tell the word of Jesus but it's gonna be my first time and I'm just blocked, I feel nervous, I don't know what theme to preach on... Any tips? Please, I really wanna make a difference and do it very well.

Dear Kendall,

Thanks so much for writing! I am a pastor and I know how you feel. One of my mentors always tells me that nerves keep us dependent upon God.  So to tell you the truth, your nerves have you in a great place! What does that mean? It means that you are in a place in your heart where you want to listen and do things God's way. There is no better place to be than that. So good for you! 

Step one is to listen. Yes, listen.  Take a day to be quiet. Even if you have work and school and can't totally shut down for a day or two. You can still make some changes so you are listening.  You can change the music you listen to, decide to not watch TV, read your Bible and inspirational material that the Lord can speak through to guide you.  

Step two is to pay attention in personal devotion time.  You hear many things while in personal devotion with God.

Step three is to trust the process.  It may not happen quickly that you hear what God says and that is totally ok! He will speak.  

Step four is to wake up early in the morning when it is quiet to simply worship God.  You can sing, write in your journal, or just lay in bed and tell your God that you are listening. 

Praying for you!