What does modesty look like?

Nickname/Alias: Jade

Message: lots of people think something is modest and other people think the same thing is immodest. What (in your opinion) are some things you find modest vs immodest?

Thanks for your question, Jade! It's true--modesty can mean different things to different people. For general guidelines, read the Q & A entitled "Modesty: AKA Boring?"

Specifically, when we talk about modesty we are talking about dressing in a way that draws attention to our character, not our body. When our clothes are tight fitting, cut low on the chest, or high on the leg, the focus becomes about our outward image. We want others to be drawn to Christ when they see us--because we are made in His image. Secondly, when we dress to draw attention to certain areas of our body, we may be causing a temptation for guys, and we have a responsibility as Christian women not to act in such a way that causes others to stumble. 

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