She was touched sexually, what should I tell her?


My sister just experienced getting touched sexually by a guy that's not even her boyfriend and feels bad about it because she didn't do anything to stop it. What should I tell her?


Dear G2G,

I am so sorry to hear that your sister is hurting. We all make mistakes—but God’s grace covers us. Comfort your sister. Tell her that God loves her no matter what. If she prays about it, He will give her guidance going forward. She may feel she needs to tell her boyfriend about what happened.

If the guy who touched her won’t leave her alone, she needs to talk to someone she can trust—a teacher, counselor, pastor, etc. It is also good to prevent these situations by not putting ourselves in a position where someone can take advantage. But she doesn’t owe this person an explanation—it was a mistake and she needs to tell him that she is not interested in that kind of relationship. Be kind and offer support. If she needs to talk to someone, she can contact a mentor through