I'm Struggling With Masturbation...

Message: I've struggled with masturbation from a very young age and still do. I know that it's wrong and I want to stop, but then when I'm tempted I fall into it again. I've prayed about it too, but obviously, God can't force me to stop it. Multiple times I've gone weeks or even months without doing it, but then I fall again. Any advice?

Understand that you can make it.  God has your back. It may be challenging, but challenging doesn't mean impossible. By God’s grace we can work through this and get to the root of it all. When you feel tempted, pray and ask God to remove the temptation, and then put your energy into something positive. Go for a walk, do a puzzle, read a book, call a friend.

Masturbation, just like alcohol and drugs, can become an addiction. Addictions need prayer and special attention to uncover. Understand that counseling is a healthy tool that the Lord works through to help us heal and help others down the road to heal too. You can find a list of counselors here: http://www.adventistfamilyministries.com/article/70/resources/directory-of-counselors.

Be encouraged. You are doing a good thing by praying consistently on it, seeking wise council, and being on a process towards healthy habits. I'm proud of your decision to make steps towards being freed from this addiction. You may also find help by connecting with https://issuesiface.com/ and speaking with a trained mentor.