Does God want divorced people to stay alone forever?

Nickname/Alias: Amanda

Subject: Divorce/ marriage

Message: I am 35 and have been married twice. According to Mathew 5:32, does God want those who are divorced to stay alone forever?

Divorce and remarriage isn’t the simplest of topics to approach. First of all, let’s remember that God loves us and desires for us to enjoy love, relationship, and companionship. He desires that we enjoy that with Him and with human beings. It is very true that there is a “God design” to marriage. Yes, indeed. 

Mathew 19:8-9 gives a good framework for the God design. Maybe before even answering the question of remarriage, it’s important to study, embrace and understand the God design! Exhale and read that sentence again, please. Remember that God cares about the depths of our hearts. The Mathew 19:8-9 text shows us that God has a design for marriage that does include forgiveness and in the marriage the ability to work through together with Him. Divorce is permitted in certain situations; in cases of adultery, for example. 

Now, sure there are many variations of why folks have been divorced, why they remarried, the state of their understanding at the time, their beliefs or lack there of in God.

So for yourself, I’d ask a few questions. 

1. Do you understand the God design of marriage? 

2. Do you understand God’s grace in your life? 

3. Have you been faithful in marriage? 

4. What did you understand at the time of your marriage about what God desires?

Prayerfully walk through those questions and start reading what the Bible says about marriage, about divorce and about grace. Do not leave out the study of grace. 

I will be praying for you as I understand this topic is personal to you. 

God loves you and wants your heart to be safe and secure in Him. So it indeed is all right that you seek Him on this and every matter. He knows your heart and is ready to speak to you.