How To Reject Guys: 3 Simple Rules

Is there such a thing as "Christian rejection"? Yes! Amie Regester shares 3 simple rules for letting guys down.

Oooh. It’s Spring for most parts of the Country. We can shed all those flannels, sweaters and ski jackets and frolick in the greening grass and make dandelion chains!

It also seems like spring brings more romantic inclination. I’m not sure why, but we just notice the opposite sex again. It’s like they’ve been holed up hibernating all winter, grizzly style, but now they seem more attractive and mannish again. And we are attractive to them too. While this is exciting, it can be a blessing and a curse. You might get the attention of a fella you’re interested in, but chances are you’ll also get some unwanted attention from guys that are not good for you, or that are just not attractive to you, or you just want to keep as friends.


What do you do then? The video above might be just what you need to help you navigate through this season of awkward conversations. I’ve found that when employing the above rules, I am able to feel good about how I treated others and keep the respect of many guys who turn out to be incredible humans.


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