How to Gird Your Loins Like a Girl 

Hey there Christian Galentine (you know, gal Valentine),

I recently asked a few of your number how their Bible reading was going this year.

“Not so good,” was the answer.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Because reading the Bible is hard and I don’t know where to start,” some said.

While I am a moderately sympathetic person, my first instinct was to go all KJV on these near-adults.

 “Gird up thy loins like a girl!” I wanted to shout. But research shows that yelling “loins” generally has a negative effect on creating lasting friendships, so I didn’t. Also, I realized that the Bible can be hard to read and it is tough to find a good place to start reading if you have no clue what you’re after.

Especially when you’re trying to read the King James! One does not simply start loving the Bible in Old English.

But lemme ask you this: who said reading the Bible SHOULD be easy? Not many worthwhile endeavors are!

Excelling in school isn’t easy.

Improving your vertical jump for volleyball isn’t easy.

Having your natural pit odor smell like peppermint isn’t easy (but it is achievable with supplements).

Reading deep spiritual truths in the Bible isn’t always easy either.

But people who want to win at life don’t choose activities based on their initial ease of accomplishment. They decide what they want to become and do the things necessary to become it; even when those things are hard.

The Christian reads her Bible for the same reason. She knows it may be rough at the beginning, but that it’s God’s main method by which she will be transformed into the image of Jesus.

She knows that by plugging into greatness, she will become her greatest possible self! It’s certain truth.

With that as motivation, let’s look at a couple practical things that will help make your Bible reading easier and more enjoyable.

1.     Get a translation you can actually read! I don’t care if you’ve been told that the KJV 1621 is the most accurate translation. None of the accuracy helps if you can’t read all the thees, thous and wherefore arts!!! I wouldn’t base doctrines on any paraphrase but, man, get a modern translation you enjoy! I read The Message for fun and the KKJV for study.

2.     Ask the Holy Spirit to be your guide and interpreter.

3.     Start with subjects you are interested in. If you like action, read some miracles in Acts. If you want romance—steam it up with Song of Songs! If you like history, check out Chronicles. If you like Egyptology, go to Exodus. Get a set of studies on something you care about, then work some other stuff in. God will grow your capacity to enjoy other topics, PROMISE! Email me if you need help finding a fun study set.

4.     Get a good commentary. Online commentaries work too! Read a small portion of scripture and read verse by verse in the commentaries. Cool stuff is there just waiting to be explained!

5.     Set small, measureable goals—even just a few verses or a couple minutes a day will get you in a good habit and you can grow from there!

6.     Do these simple steps after reading:

A.    Retell what happened in the passage in your own words.

B.    Ask yourself what you learned about God from the passage.

C.    Ask yourself what you learned about humanity from this passage.

D.    Ask yourself how your life would change if you put the ideas from this passage into practice.

(For example, Is there a promise to believe? A command to obey? An aspect of God’s character to prompt worship?)

Alrighty, so there you go! Reading the Bible may not start easy, but don’t give up! Your spiritual muscles are starting to show and we all know that strong is the new pretty.

Now that I’ve shared my tips for getting started with reading your Bible, what do you think is holding you back from digging in?